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All products made by Idea-Express are fully guaranteed for material and workmanship. All imprints and products are guaranteed to match the proof which you will be sent, within industry standards*. If we fail to ship the promised product at the promised time, we will replace your order at our expense.


Immediately after placing your online order, you will receive an email notification that we have received your order. You will receive instructions on how to send us your artwork and an order number. Save this number and include it with all communications regarding your order. Your order will be checked for product availability, artwork problems, delivery times, and any other items that might affect the production of your order. Here's how it works:

1) You send us the order and email us the artwork (if you don't have art, we do the graphic).
2) You will be sent a form to submit payment (or billing info) if we do not already have that info.
3) We send you a proof of a graphic and put your order into production.

Orders sent to us are considered final and approved. If you need to cancel an order you must do this in writing and cancelled orders are subject to service charges. Note that if you spot an error with your graphic, it is your responsibility to notify us immediately upon receiving the proof. You must check your emails regularly when doing business with us.


We accept purchase orders from all Military, Government and Universities. To order with a purchase order:

1 - Fill out the online shopping cart and it will assign you a workorder number. Indicate in the comments section that you will be paying with a PO.
2 - Fax the PO to us at 818-743-7731. Write the workorder number on the PO, or in the cover letter.


In instances where customer has been sent a graphic proof and an order confirmation showing order details, it is the customer’s responsibility to thoroughly read these confirmations and proofs and to notify us of any changes or corrections needed. We cannot be responsible for errors overlooked by customers, this includes: graphic proofs, shipping address, items ordered, deadlines and other details of the order.

It is the responsibility of the customer to make the proper decisions regarding item desired, imprint colors, shipping methods and destinations, deadlines, customs procedures, duty fees, etc. It is up to the customer to thoroughly communicate any special needs to us. No claims or returns will be accepted where there was a special need which was not communicated to us.

Regarding colors, if there is a particular shade of color desired, it is the responsibility of the customer to notify us if they have a particular expectation of the color, such as a PMS pantone number. Thus, if customer simply states, for example, ‘green’ on their order, then it assumed that we are allowed to imprint any of our stock shades of ‘green’. We can accept no claims where we have been required to guess at a customer’s desired shade.


First-time orders from require pre-payment or credit card. 30-day billing is also available for many organizations. Note that large orders over 3500.00 will be quoted 2% higher if being paid by credit card. We recommend payment by check or wire transfer for larger orders for getting the best price. Government, Military and pre-approved companies may receive 30-day terms. Others requesting billing must personally guarantee the order and offer a credit card as collateral. Click here for more info on payment and billing requirements.

Printing on lanyards is not printing on paper. The lanyard surface is rough and some detail will be lost compared to an actual computer graphic. Small lettering may fill in. Customers must understand this, especially when submitting small and detailed graphics.


SHIPPING INFORMATION will make every possible effort to ship your goods in the most economical way given your in-hands date. Most orders will take 8-10 days to produce.

If you have a deadline or event, you must specify it to us in writing on your order. This is very important so we can properly advise you on how we should ship them, etc.

All orders are shipped FOB (freight on board) from our factory. guarantees that your order will leave the factory on or before any ship date we've specified in writing. In industry, "turnaround" refers to the date items leave the factory, not when they arrive at a certain destination. We cannot be responsible for goods lost or delayed by common carrier, sea vessel, international or US Customs departments or by “acts of God”. It is the customer's responsibility to allow time for such contingencies and to order via expedited delivery (or air courier service) if needed.

Orders placed for slowest delivery time are placed with the understanding that no deadlines are guaranteed. We can only offer a shipping date, not a guaranteed delivery date.

All orders will be shipped using’s account. All goods become customer’s property at the time they are accepted by the carrier.


Artwork should be emailed to us immediately after you send an order.

Include your order number, name and phone number with the graphic so we know which order it goes with and can contact you if there are questions.

Allowable Image Formats:
The very best is Adobe Illustrator in PC format. This is professional art and we don't expect everyone to be able to provide graphics in this format.

CorelDRAW - convert files into .eps before sending

In Illustrator, all fonts should be converted to outlines.

Other okay formats: .JPG, .TIF, .BMP, .GIF, are all acceptable but they must be large high resolution files (400 dpi or more). Images pulled off of websites are usually too poor quality and may incur a small re-draw charge. If all you have is a web graphic, send it to us and we'll see what we can do. Some Not Recommended: Pagemaker, ClarisWorks, Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, etc.... When you send in these formats you are assuming that we have the same fonts you used. Otherwise, when we open these files, other fonts are substituted and what we see is different than what you sent. Better to fax the page to 818-743-7731 and send us the original image file that you imported into the program. We can still accept these formats and sometimes it's better than nothing.

Sketches and Drawings: We can create your idea from a sketch ...usually for a nominal fee. Just fax or email the sketch.

Sizing: Unless otherwise requested by you, we will imprint the image to the size that looks best, or is the largest we can on a particular item.

Proofs: Once we have finished your graphic, we'll email you a proof so you can review it before we begin your order.


Cancellations must be in writing and approved by us in writing. Cancelled orders will incur any charges which have been incurred by us up to the time of the cancellation.



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